Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Happens in an Intervention?

What happens in an intervention?

It is life-changing for everyone – neither the afflicted Intervention Subject (“IS”) is ever the same after the intervention.

Generally, all the interventions in which I have participated, share several common characteristics:

Ø  Everyone is nervous about what’s going to happen.

Ø  The afflicted Intervention Subject is usually on his or her best behavior because he or she is embarrassed and afraid.

Ø  A good intervention starts out tense, but the mood generally goes to relief, optimism, and hope.

Ø  The family and friends feel empowered and so does the IS because they have taken responsibility for themselves by taking action.

Ø  Things that everyone knew or believed are being disclosed and spoken bout publicly for the first time which demonstrates that secrets keep us sick and releasing them releases their power.

Ø  Life as it was before, with quiet worry and desperation, is never the same. Life becomes a new adventure with excitement, joy, and peace.

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