Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tattoos on the Heart

In Fr. Greg Boyle's book, Tattoos on the Heart, the founder of Homeboy Industries, states that Leo Rock, Director of Novices, said "God created us - because He thought we'd enjoy it." Fr. G. then writes "We try to find a way, then, to hold our finger tips gently to the pulse of God.  We watch as our hearts begin to beat as ne with the One who delights in our being.  Then what do we do?  We exhale the same spirit of delight into the word and hope for poetry."  This is what I try to do on a daily basis with people suffering from addiction and mental illness - breathe the delight of life itself into those clouded by hate and fear and anger.  Sometimes the poem becomes a celebration of life and miracles - other times, it becomes a eulogy. 

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