Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day - Start of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey 21 Day Meditation - Desire and Destiny

Today, I began the Oprah and Deepak Desire and Destin 21 Day Meditation Challenge.  You can find information on the program at the following link - We are so excited to announce our ALL-NEW Meditation Experience, Desire and Destiny, starting November 11!
Nearly 2 million people from around the world have joined us for this original transformational meditation program, mastering the art of living well. Whether you’ve joined us for one of our authentic meditation experiences such as Perfect Health or Miraculous Relationships—or are new to meditation altogether—Desire and Destiny will change your life.
Join us for this FREE 3-week journey toward living with passion and abundance! We’ll be your guides, every day, as you uncover your creative brilliance, connect with your deepest desires, and tap into to your pure potential. Then, watch your soul’s purpose and true destiny emerge, opening the door to living a life in which all things are within reach and your dreams transform into reality.
It’s free and open to everyone—worldwide! We encourage you to sign up now and invite those you love to join us.
We look forward to sharing this powerful experience and celebrating your magnificence with you!
On this Veteran's Day, we can honor those who have been through the hell of war and military service by seeking quiet contemplation.

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