Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 10, 1935 - Founder's Day - Alcoholics Anonymous

People have a love-hate relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous ("AA") but the fact remains that this odd, loosely organized fellowship has saved millions of lives and it was founded 80 years ago today.  I have my own ambivalence about AA but it works, it really does.  It is full of crazy, messed-up people, but it is also full of true heroes and people whose lives are true miracles.  Plus, some of those crazy, messed-up ones have the most profound wisdom and are living lives beyond their wildest dreams.  I guess I can confess - I love AA.

I am not speaking or writing on behalf of AA because the traditions state that all members must remain anonymous at the level of press, radio, film and now internet.  I will say that it is an amazing thing to see people broken and despondent arrive at AA and within a few months their lives are much, much better and they are happy. 

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