Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Never Give Up Just Before the Miracle Happens

I have been very successful with my intervention practice in that I have not had anyone fail to go to treatment or accept help in the way that will best allow the addicted loved one ("Loved One") begin recovery.  I attribute this 100% success rate to selecting the right kind of intervention - 1) Johnson model, ARISE model, Love First, Systemic, or a combination of methods. But in many cases, the success has come from a family who would not give up and from my underlying philosophy of never giving up on a client.

Today, I spoke to a mother whose daughter I assisted in getting treatment.  She had been a chronic relapser who came close to death many times. She has 5 months sober, is working ina good job, and doing very, very well.  The mother, who was very enabling in the beginning, but would not give up, said "Well, they get it when they are ready - if they don't' die first."  This is true in many ways - but I still convinced that proper therapy can break the ice around the addicts heart and soul and healing can begin before the Loved One believes he or she is ready.

Proper intervention with proper treatment as part of a long term plan is critical for recovery to begin and to be sustained.

Perseverance is key.  We must never give up on anyone.

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